Day 44-47?

I think today is 47 but who knows. 

I’m currently sitting in my doctors office. I have decided to not go through with therapy as I feel like what I’ve been doing is helping. The past few days I haven’t had the normal thoughts of wanting to die, even when everything was ok. If things get worse again I’m going to go to therapy. I don’t want to go through another really bad episode and I know I’m gonna have more but I feel like I can cope with them better. 

It doesn’t seem like such a scary thing anymore. I don’t really know what changed, I honestly think it was just the last few weeks events and talking to my boyfriends mom. 

I don’t want this to affect my life anymore. I’m not going to let it affect my life anymore.


Author: Michele

I am a 23 year old from Rochester, NY just trying to fight the monster in my head.

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