Day 55

I’m not sure if today is actually day 55. All I know is my anxiety has been through the roof. 

I have a problem. I tend to feel the need to “spy” on my boyfriend and I just really don’t like what I find. I’m physically ill because of it. 

I don’t know what to do. I hate this. I hate myself. 


Author: Michele

I am a 23 year old from Rochester, NY just trying to fight the monster in my head.

One thought on “Day 55”

  1. If you are finding hurtful things it’s time to come to an aha moment. Let NOTHING get in the way of your sobriety! Hate how you’re ferling, but don’t hate yourself! If he’s being a douche, and it’s bad for you, take steps to protect yourself!! You are not alone. I am here in sobriety with you. Just got 8 months. You can do it!

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