Day 57 – 59

Day 57 was not a good day for me and I’ve been avoiding writing about it. 

I had a really bad dream followed by an anxiety attack and it set the mood for the day for sure. I had a lot of errands to do and ended up locking my keys in my car to add to my already awesome morning. I was in a bad mood for the majority of the day and really wanted to end it all. I hate days like that. 

Day 58 and 59 were a lot better after talking to my boyfriend. Now we are getting super close to vacation so I’ve been distracted. 

I hate that I have to be distracted to not feel destructive of myself. 

I’m writing this in the morning of day 60 so hopefully today’s a good day. 


Author: Michele

I am a 23 year old from Rochester, NY just trying to fight the monster in my head.

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