Day 15/16/17

So…I missed a few days. I believe Day 15 was the 22nd, 16 was the 23rd and 17 was today, Christmas Eve. 

It has overall been an ok week. I have had my off moods but nothing completely disasterous. I had a lot of fun with my birthday and Christmas already so it’s been a pretty good week. 

Whenever I’m occupied it’s good. When I’m not it’s bad. Stay occupied! 

Today my boyfriend and I went to the Miami/Buffalo game. It was my first NFL game ever! It was a lot of fun and the Dolphins won so it was definitely a good day. My boyfriend really enjoyed himself too. I love when I can see him having fun! 

We just had dinner and are probably just going to hang out and clean up for Christmas tomorrow. We have lots of places to go to tomorrow, so hopefully by the end of it all I will have enough energy to write a blog on time. 

I’ll try to keep it one every day but sometimes things get crazy!


Day 14

It was a bad day. My boyfriends moms dog died so she was a mess and my boyfriend was a mess because of it. I wasn’t exactly in the best place either. I ended up spending the day with his mom baking cookies, just trying to keep her occupied. 

It was a very mentally stressful day. It’s always the hardest to try to take care of others when you can barely take care of yourself. I couldn’t wait to go to bed all day because I just wanted my brain to turn off. It always seems like things start going wrong on my worst days. I can almost sense it when I wake up. 

I’m hoping day 15 goes a little better. I’ve been stressed lately and it’s causing depression and anxiety attacks. I wish it wasn’t so cold outside so I had a better willingness to escape the everyday stresses of home and go on adventures that make my brain happy. Here’s to more adventure hopefully in the near future. 

Somewhere near Buffalo. The sunrise on the drive home. 

Day 13

I forgot to write this last night. I’ve been trying to do them at night so it’s easier to remember the day. 

Yesterday we drove back from the casino for my birthday. My boyfriend had work so I went to my moms house. We met back home for lunch and then I took a nap. We had dinner and watched a movie and hung out for a bit. It was a very relaxed day. 

I don’t remember if I got in any weird moods yesterday. I think I was just really tired the whole day. 

From the drive home

Day 12

This post is late. Yesterday was my birthday so I didn’t really think about writing the blog. It was a great day though. 

My boyfriend and I got up pretty early to start getting ready for the day. He surprised me with a cake in the morning 😂 and peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes. We had to stop at my moms house to pick up my bed. I sold it to someone who lives about 2 hours away. On our way out to Buffalo we stopped there for the exchange. We went to the casino for my birthday. It was amazing. I had so much fun and it was really relaxing. My boyfriend set up candles and gave me a nice massage! It was amazing! I’m so lucky. He also got me new hiking boots that I love so much! I’m excited to wear them and probably will everywhere I go 😂. 

We drove home this morning. It was a really pretty drive. Overall it was a good day. I did have a few moments where I felt depressed but I managed to not let it ruin the day. 

Day 11

Today my boyfriend and I had to head out to his Aunt’s house for Christmas. It was nice finally meeting that side of his family. The whole day I just felt upset though. It was hard to shake at times but I managed to keep my head up. 

On our way back home we stopped at the outlet mall and my boyfriend got me new hiking boots for my birthday. They are so cute and I’ve been needing hiking boots for so long now! I can’t wait to break them in. 

When we got home we just relaxed. I just had a little random break down. I’m not sure why it happened. I’ve just been off the past couple days. 

Tomorrow is my birthday so hopefully it will be a better day!

Day 10

I can’t believe I’m on day 10 already. I feel like this year is going to go by really fast and I don’t want it to. I have so many things to look forward to. 

For starters, my birthday is in 2 days and I am super excited to be spending it in Buffalo. Me and my boyfriend are going to go up and enjoy ourselves. It’s going to be amazing!! I love our mini getaways! 

Christmas is also coming. I’m actually meeting some of my boyfriend’s family tomorrow. They live about an hour away so his family here goes down there for Christmas. It’s usually on Christmas Eve but this year Christmas Eve didn’t work for everyone. I’m excited but scared at the same time. Meeting new people is probably my least favorite thing to do. And meeting my boyfriends family is nerve wrecking to begin with. I just hope I’m not the center of attention because I’m his new girlfriend. I don’t like being the center of attention. Either way, it’s going to be fun meeting the rest of his family. I love the family I’ve already met! 

We also have a cruise planned in February. That is going to be amazing!! I need that cruise so bad! And I’m super excited to be spending it with amazing people 💕 and for my boyfriends birthday!

There’s just a lot to look forward to. And everyday I get to spend with my boyfriend is amazing. I seriously don’t think I’d be alive if I didn’t have him. 

Anyway, today was a decent day. I did feel sad for a little bit but it wasn’t anything major. I was able to keep it under control and it eventually went away. 

I didn’t do much today but I am going to edit pictures before bed. I am going to be at a Christmas event for my boyfriends family tomorrow and celebrating my birthday on Monday. I will try to write a blog but I kind of want to turn off my brain for a couple days. We will see if I go to day 11 or skip to day 13. 

I’ll be okay, I promise. 

If I could go back to this day I would take more pictures. I want to remember everything with the man behind this camera 💕

Day 9

Today was a good day overall but I couldn’t shake the clouds. I think yesterday kind of messed me up and I’m just kind of trying to pull myself together. 

I just felt so depressed today and nothing could get my mind off it. I went to visit my mom and ended up getting stuck in the driveway. I had to shovel my way out and had an asthma attack and couldn’t finish. When I got home, I made my boyfriend lunch and went to his work office. He ended up telling me his schedule changed so I wasted 40 minutes of driving. We ended up going home. And I did so much driving today and I have a tiny ass car that can’t handle the New York snow. Everything just felt like it was going bad. It demotivated me from doing anything I wanted to do today. 

On the bright side, this morning I did get out for a nice walk through the snow at a local park. I love this time of year. ​​