Step One

Tomorrow is my first therapy appointment. I’m not sure what to expect, I’m not even sure what’s going to happen because it’s an evaluation. I’m a little nervous and I don’t want to do it.

I went out to my moms house for a little bit this morning. I talked to her about the appointment and she offered to go with me but I’m going to go alone. I told her I have a hard time doing this stuff with Joe, so I’m not sure how I’m going to do it with anyone else. I don’t like talking about my feelings, I never have, but maybe that’s the issue.

I’ve had a great lack of motivation over the past couple weeks and it’s starting to really get to me. I can’t figure out how to get myself out of this slump. I’m able to keep myself distracted throughout the day but as soon as I settle in with my boyfriend and the end of the day I start piling on the unnecessary thoughts of who knows what and it throws my anxiety and depression through the roof. Lately it’s been bouts of depression towards the end of the day and anxiety in the morning about the day. It’s annoying, frustrating, and honestly just really confusing.

I was able to get out of the house today though. I know the weather lately hasn’t been helping my situation at all. I know the weather has a direct affect on my mood, and I definitely have some type of seasonal depression. I can’t wait until I’m able to move to a sunnier place. I know it’s going to benefit my mental state just as much as my physical state once I’m out and about regularly. Beedle and I were able to go for a nice walk today, and it’s finally supposed to warm up next week.

Beedle in Parma Park 4/17/18

Joe and I are planning a mini camping trip this weekend. I’m very excited! We are going to try to go to the Watkins Glen area, hike through there with Beedle all weekend and visit our favorite restaurant out there, Seneca Farms! They have outdoor seating areas and are officially open for the 2018 season so I’m super excited to bring Beedle. That day we will probably give him more people food than he should have and he’s definitely going to get an ice cream cone!

I’m so excited for the summer. If I’m being honest, I don’t usually look forward to it. No matter how much I love summer, I’m never satisfied with how I spend it. We only get a few months of warm weather, and I’m sick of wasting it. I think having Beedle is really going to motivate us to actually live through the summer than we want. Not only is having Beedle going to help, but having the van is going to help! We are already planning our first trip for this weekend, and it’s still winter in NY. I don’t care if it’s actually spring, there is still snow in our forecast! It’s winter! WE DON’T MAKE PLANS IN WINTER! We literally do nothing all winter long unless we plan a vacation to someplace warm, which we didn’t get to do this winter. So the fact that we have a camping trip planned out for this weekend, and it’s going to SNOW today, it’s awesome. The van is a huge motivation to get off our asses as go explore NYS.

I guess this week is my first step into actually getting better. I’ve spent the last year struggling with this openly, and the last 10 years or so before that struggling with it privately. I’m sick of it controlling my life. I don’t want to not do something because I’m depressed or anxious about it. I have missed little things here and there because of it, and I’m not trying to have it make me miss something much bigger, something more important that I’ll actually regret missing. I don’t want it getting to that point. I won’t let it get to that point.


Don’t Let Your Fears Decide Your Fate

Today I made a great effort to get an appointment with a therapist. An appointment isn’t made, but the effort was.

It’s discouraging to seek help and not get it. I called several therapist offices in my area today. One of them couldn’t get me in until June, and I don’t know if I’d make it that long. Another place had silly requirements that I had to do, which I did do, before they’ll book at appointment. I’m waiting for them to reach out to me at this point. And another place my boyfriend called for me and left a message.

That’s what happened when I tried to seek help.

A while back I had been very suicidal and decided to contact the suicide hotline. I was afraid for my life, I was scaring myself and I truly felt like I was a threat to myself. Instead of acting on my suicidal thoughts, I seeked out help and I got nothing in return. The person on the other line just repeated everything I told them back to me. That’s all they did. “I’m sad” “Oh, you’re sad?” “Yeah, this is happening in my life and causing these feelings” “Oh, so this is happening and causing these feelings?”

This is how the conversation went, and this is what I’m afraid of for therapy. I don’t know who they hire at the suicide hotline, but let me tell you, that person wasn’t helping anyone. I attempted suicide that night.

This is why I’m afraid to go to a therapist. I’m afraid I’m going to pay a ridiculous amount of money to go talk to someone who isn’t going to be able to do anything for me other than repeat back whatever it was that I just told them. I need someone who is going to listen to me, actually hear and understand what I’m saying, and offer legitimate advice, assistance, medication, refer me to a specialist, whatever it may be, but I don’t need someone to tell me what I’ve just told them.

Having responsibilities in situations like this is the absolute worst. I am in a position right now where I barely have the strength to keep going and I have all these responsibilities, like my job and my dog. I called out of work 3 times this week, which now I want to get a doctors note for but I can’t get an appointment made! Anxiety caused me to call out of work 3 times this week, which is now going to make me more anxious going back because of the consequences. I’m willing to face the consequences, but the issue is my issue isn’t resolved. I don’t want to have to call out again, I’m going to lose my job. So now I’m limited to weekends, which a lot of therapist/doctors offices aren’t even open except for emergency services.

As for my dog, I feel terrible for him. Poor thing has had the laziest last 3 days because mom is mentally ill and can’t do anything. We went on a nice trip to the park the first day, but yesterday and today have been shitty days for the weather outside and in my mind. I just can’t bring myself to leave the house. But I’m very lucky, he is the absolute best dog in the world. He has been by my side and comforting me for the last 3 days like the little therapy dog we needed.

My boyfriend actually just called me as I’m writing this and told me the psychiatrist he called doesn’t take my insurance and costs $85 a session. $85 a session and you don’t take my insurance? No thank you. I don’t need more anxiety because I can’t afford therapy!

This has been such a discouraging day. I don’t even know what to do anymore. My job has an employee assistance program which helps with mental health so I think I need to talk to my supervisor about that and see if I can take advantage of that. I know a lot of my anxiety is coming from my job too, which is also something I need to discuss with my supervisor. I’m just worried the conversation will lead me to being let go instead of leading me into a position that will keep my mind at ease. I’m a great asset to the company, I just hope that’s something they’re able to see and work with me instead of against me.

I’m very nervous for tomorrow. It’s going to be a very long, very stressful day. I can only imagine I’m going to be balling my eyes out to my supervisor. I could barely ask to make an appointment for my depression and anxiety because I would start choking on my words. I hate this so much.

Please, just end soon. Please.

Life is a B

I’m going to attempt to start writing blogs again. It felt good to get the last one out. I know that writing helps me, so why not do it? Why ever stop? Oh right, depression.

Taking care of yourself is a learning process. I’m finding out what it actually takes to take care of myself. Figuring out what makes me feel good and what makes me feel bad is going to allow me to remove the things from my life that make me feel bad, and bring in more of the things that make me feel good.

I know life is a bitch, and some bad things are just unavoidable. I don’t want these things to affect me poorly anymore and I feel like I’ve been doing a good job at improving with that. As much as I dislike overly positive people, I’m trying to be more like that.

For the most part, when I don’t want to do something it’s because I’m depressed. When my depression makes its way to the surface, I lose all motivation. That usually causes anxiety, which causes a whole bunch of other problems. It’s a really crappy cycle to get stuck into and I don’t want any part of it anymore. I’ve been trying to force myself to keep moving when depression wants to take over, and it seems to be helping. Its exhausting and I fail a lot, but I’m hoping it will get easier with time.

Having gone down this road before is a little demotivating. I know that I’ve said this before, I know that I have tried to improve before, and I know that I failed. I can’t really call it a fail until I stop trying though.

I’m generally happy with the way things are going in my life. My boyfriend and I have been trying to plan for our future and determine what the best option is for us. We’ve been talking about moving out and eventually getting another dog. We’ve wanted a second dog since before we got the first one. Over the last 5 months of owning Beedle we are realizing that he needs a permanent playmate. At this point we are pretty sure we won’t be able to get a second dog until we move out and it has really pushed me to want to move out sooner rather than later. I say me in this case because Joe has been wanting to move out since before he met me.

For years I have wanted to get rid of debt before moving out of my parents house. I was unfortunately young and dumb once, and opened too many credit card accounts. Those accounts are now being paid off but putting a halt on my future. I never wanted debt when I moved out, so I never wanted to move out until I paid that off. After being convinced we aren’t going to get another dog until we moved out, I quickly changed my mind about moving out with debt.

I’ve been budgeting myself and keeping close track of my bills to get rid of them, and I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere. I was able to pay off a small credit card recently, and every time I check Credit Karma, my credit card debt balance decreases. Its nice to be able to see the progress you’re making through your credit report, but it can be very discouraging at the same time if I go months without seeing any changes. As long as there are good changes or no changes at all, I should be happy with my progress.

My boyfriend just bought a van that we are going to convert to a camper. This will be used for the majority of our future trips and is going to make our ADK trips a lot easier. I don’t get out of work until late on Friday night so leaving to go to the ADK would have been an issue since we would be setting up camp in the dark. With a van, we can just hop in the back of the van with our bed and sleep without any set up. Everything will already be good to go. With the van, we will also be able to keep warm at night easier. On our last Colorado trip, the temperature dropped into the 30’s every night and got pretty chilly in the tent.

Right now we are working on getting the van street legal and cleared up of any mechanical issues that may be there. We are also working on figuring out the inside layout. The guy Joe bought the van from had already started converting the van and gave us information on what his plans were. We completely took out everything that he had done and are trying to figure out a new plan. Once we figure out what we want to do, we will start bringing it all together.

We are hoping to have everything finished up and ready to go for the first warm weekend where we will feel comfortable testing it out. We are eager to start making trips to the Adirondacks so the sooner the van is finished the better. We took Beedle for a ride in the van and he honestly seemed to like it better than a car. He has always been afraid of vehicles, and I don’t blame him considering what he has been through. On our drive he was able to sit right in between the driver and passenger seats, and I think he liked being able to be in between us. When he is in one of our cars he is confined to the back and just wants to be up front with us.

We are thinking of putting a bed for him right in between the driver and passenger seats instead of having a center console. Like I said, he seemed to enjoy being able to sit in between us, so that will be a great place for his “seat”. We had a bed platform in the back, with a small “kitchen” area with a sink, counters, and a fridge in the middle. Joe ripped all that out, and we are going to re-design. We are going to keep the fridge and the sink that came with it. I’m not sure what Joe wants to do with the counters, if they will be thrown out, re-purposed within the van or fixed up and re-sold separately. If we don’t use them, I’m going to try to fix them up because I believe it is real wood that I could sand down and re-stain really nice. It would be nice to sell them and use the money for the van anyway. For our sleeping arrangements, I’m pretty sure we are going to be rebuilding the bed platform about 8″-12″ lower than it originally was. Reason being the platform stopped right under the windows and our mattress would be covering 8 inches of the windows on both sides. We also can’t access the inside handle to open the back doors of the van with the platform raised so high. If we get a little crazy, we might ditch the bed idea as a whole and set up hooks in the van that we can hang our hammocks onto. I think I would have to sleep in my hammock a few times to see if I would actually be willing to do this.

There are a bunch of little additions that we are going to get quotes for to see how much it would cost us if it were even possible to do that. I’m excited to start seeing what this van ends up turning into and I’m even more excited for the adventures we will take it on. I’m not excited for the debt that I feel like this van is going to cause. When Joe got the van I was really excited but I didn’t think about how big of a money pit it would be. Joe keeps talking about all these things and all I see are dollar signs coming out of his mouth. I don’t want money to be an issue, I never want money to be an issue. Its always an issue.

I hate being broke. Even though I know it could be much worse, it still sucks. Like I said earlier, I’m slowly paying off my debt, but I don’t want other things holding that back anymore. I want to get rid of my debt, I just want it gone. I don’t want to put money into something when I owe so many companies money that my teenage self so carelessly took advantage of. A lot of the stresses of my last relationship came from finances, and I don’t want that to become an issue in my current relationship.

I guess I need to weigh the pros and cons and remember that even though this may be a money pit, its going to provide me with (hopefully) years of adventures and building memories with my two favorite men and that we will figure out the money part.

New Plans

We’re pregnant! It’s a…


My boyfriend and I have adopted a dog! According to the Rescue, she is a 2 month old Akita/Golden Retriever mix. We think she might be mixed with an Australian Shepherd as well, since her color pattern and face doesn’t resemble an Akita too much. She looks like she is very built and her tail curls over her back like an Akita does. She has cute floppy ears like a Golden or Australian Shepherd.

She is the sweetest thing we haven’t even met yet! We love her so much already.

We get to pick her up on Saturday night. As long as all goes as planned, we will head out to get her around 5pm. Hopefully she will be home and getting settled in by 9pm, but we’ve heard stories of the transport getting stuck in traffic and not arriving until midnight. We don’t care, as long as we get to bring her home safely!

I have never been at the stage in a relationship where I would be willing to adopt an animal with that person. This is the first time I’ve ever felt 100% comfortable with committing to a long term thing with another person. I’m so glad we found this sweet girl and I am so excited to raise her with my boyfriend.

The adoption process was a hot mess from the beginning, but we eventually found a Rescue we were very comfortable with and they continuously prove they were the right choice. We fell in love with a Great Pyrenees/Collie mix from another rescue, but she was very quickly adopted. We had interest in another dog from that rescue, but they were very unresponsive. We made several attempts to contact this rescue, and only received a reply after telling them what they were doing wrong. We decided to keep looking for other Rescues.

We came across Global K9 Rescue, based out of Alabama. Very shortly after submitting an inquiry about adopting a dog, they gave us a phone call and explained the Rescue and the process of adopting a dog through the Rescue. Nikole informed us they have adopted out over 400 dogs by using their transportation method. They receive applications and if approved, you get sent an invoice with the adoption donation fee and a contract to sign. They then have the dog we adopted scheduled to be transported to our location of choice, from their list of locations. They have a decent chunk of locations along the east coast if you don’t mind driving a little distance. We got lucky and only live about an hour and a half away from their north-most location. They used to transport dogs to Canada as well, but stopped that because the hassle of crossing the boarder was too much for the Rescue. They inform you and provide the necessary documents to cross the border if you were willing to come into the US to pick up the dog.

We messaged 2 people who previously adopted from this Rescue and they said mostly good things. Anything that was bad they were aware of before agreeing to adopt the dogs. We haven’t had any bad experience with them at this point in time. We have been in contact with the girl who runs the Rescue and she has been extremely responsive and very helpful. She even sent us a video of our puppy when we asked!

We wanted to get a better look at her since the pictures on the website weren’t the best quality. The video proved she is the perfect fit for our family! She is such a happy bouncy puppy. While the other puppies in the video were more interested in the human recording them, ours was jumping around trying to get them to play with her.

We have been puppy-proofing the house. Anything that looks slightly interesting to a puppy we made sure was put away. We had to buy bins for our entertainment system downstairs and for our clothes in the bedroom. We did major cleaning and still have quite a bit to get done before Saturday. I wish we were this motivated to clean at all times, the house looks really good!

We ordered a custom collar for her. It’ll have her name on it and our phone number. We decided on teal and orange and a little football pattern for the Miami Dolphins. She’s gotta rep our favorite team!

Her name from the Rescue is Izzy, but we are changing it to Nymeria. Nymeria is our favorite direwolf from Game of Thrones. Arya is one of my favorite characters, and has been since season 1. She was always a favorite of mine in the books as well. We love the name Nymeria for a dog so we decided on that when we found out we were getting a girl.

This week is going by way too slow. We want her home so badly! She is going to make our lives so much better and bring so much life into the house. We are going to give her the furever home she deserves.